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From Randall Stewart <>
Subject Re: Patch for listen.c
Date Mon, 04 Nov 2002 13:08:50 GMT
Jeff Trawick wrote:
> Randall Stewart <> writes:
>>The idea behind this is that SCTP is automatically enabled if
>>available... i.e. there is no flag to turn it on/off.. if you say
>>listen 80
>>and have sctp.. you get a listener on both TCP and SCTP port 80.
>>Now the reason I picked this method is:
>>a) A port/socket listening is a small amount of overhead...
> unfortunately, it can be meaningful overhead, enough so that IMHO it
> isn't reasonable to enable SCTP automatically
> when Apache has more than one listening socket, it is forced to poll()
> in addition to accept(), and the use of poll() prior to accept() means
> it has to serialize all threads/processes such that only one is in
> poll() at a time

hmmm so what I think you are saying is that if only one
port is listened to all children can do a poll() on the sd otherwise
you must have only one thread to the poll() I guess so it could
dispatch out the work...

> on most current OSs, this serialization is not necessary when there is
> only one listening socket

Do you suggest then a

Listen, tcp:80
Listen, sctp:80

type syntax... or what would be the format wanted in the config...

I will find some cycles soon and dig into the config but I would like
a pointer to what would be the right choice...

Randall R. Stewart 815-342-5222 (cell phone)

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