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From "Prajakt Deolasee" <>
Subject Trap Response while using Apache as Reverse Proxy
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2002 07:10:09 GMT
I am using Apache as reverse proxy. 


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From: Naaman Musawwir []
Sent: Tuesday, November 19, 2002 11:58 AM
Subject: Re: WELCOME to

> I have a very simple question. I am using the Apache HTTP Server as a
> I could get it ruuning and it is smartly acting a loadbalancer. In
addition to this
> I have a requirement, that the response which is send back to the client,
I want to
> trap that response in the loadbalancer and make some changes and then send
it across.
> How do I do it? Can somabody give me some pointers as to in which module
exacly I should
> look in? I thought it should be in mod_proxy or mod_proxy_http are the
module I should be
> looking at. I could see one function in mod_proxy_http module
> but the this function is never called when I run it in debugger. I am
using VC++ 6.0.
> And I am using mod_proxy, mod_rewrite and mod_proxy_http modules.

Functions in mod_proxy_http are only called when you use Apache as
ReverseProxy. If you have not setup it as reverse proxy, it does not go into
this module. You should rather look into mod_proxy function proxy_trans()
where it checks if some proxy is there. Or maybe there is some better
location that I do not know.

> Please see if anybody can help.
> -Prajakt

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