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From fabio rohrich <>
Subject mod_blank dev
Date Sun, 03 Nov 2002 10:07:52 GMT
As I wrote before, I'm starting to develop a module.
It'll clean on the fly white spaces, new
lines,comments and not usefull things from Html,
javascripts,CSS and ...I'll see what else! :)
The module will save in a cache the page stripped out
(so every time the page is requested Apache has not to
call the mod_blank. Pages created dinamically will not
be stored in the cache.
The reduced space of each page will be saved in a log
file, and the web admin. can decide if the space saved
is a good quantity and to use or not the mod_blank
with that web page.

So, I have some problems to create the module
structure and so on.

I want to hook my modules in the request phase, in the
type-check phase (maybe), and in the logging phase.

So i will have in the mod. structure these fields not

The others fields will be null
Have I to fill the blank_cmds if I have a directive?
And I need a directive? Or more than one? And which? 

I think other questions will follow! 
Thanks a lot,

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