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From "Rob Emanuele" <>
Subject New Module: mod_auth_mysql_digest
Date Sat, 02 Nov 2002 00:02:45 GMT
So I took the mod_auth_digest code and munged it to use mysql for
authentication.  Swell.  It works great and we're heavily using it.

I'd like to give it back to the open souce community.  Right now its
just a patch file for mod_auth_digest.c in Apache 2.0.40.  I was
wondering what was the best way to keep the mod_auth_digest code and
mod_auth_mysql_digest code together and up to date with each other?

Things I'm debating...  A home on sourceforge for it if needed.  Its own
site so people can find it.  Ways to get more people using it t find my

Thanks for any help and suggestions,


Robert J. Emanuele
Network Programmer
Cyan Worlds, Inc.

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