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From Taisuke Yamada <>
Subject Re: PHP POST handling
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2002 03:56:30 GMT

> Both Greg and I are stating that PHP should be able to serve
> PROPFIND, COPY, GET, POST, DELETE, or FOOBAR requests.  PHP scripts
> can be coerced into providing all sorts of useful behaviors, not
> the least of which is GET.  Much like a CGI script might know how
> to handle DAV or other sorts of requests.

I know I'm being offtopic here, but CGI script cannot provide
DAV service currently because mod_cgi.c does not let script handle
OPTIONS request. So even if CGI script knew how to handle it, it's
impossible to notify client about that capability.

I've looked though past discussion, and it seems there was no
negative response on making this behavior configurable. There
even was a patch (not the one I posted sometime ago - it existed
for several years), but for some reason, it never got incorporated.

Taisuke Yamada <>
Internet Initiative Japan Inc., Technical Planning Division

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