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From "Andre Schild" <>
Subject Re: Antw: Re: Instructions for building aut_ldap under win32 ?
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2002 20:06:31 GMT
Did you compile mod_auth_ldap as one module, and util_ldap as the second
one ?

If yes, how did you resolve the missing exports from util_ldap to be
able to link mod_auth_ldap.
Actually it seems for me, that in util_ldap.h all functions should be
declared as AP_DECLARE_NONSTD (or whatever the types/returnvalues
This way they get exported and can be imported by the mod_auth_ldap

Building mod_auth_ldap together with util_ldap doesn't work, since
util_ldap_connection_find in util_ldap.c has it's own
where it stores the pool of ldap connections.


>>> 08.10.2002 21:54:31 >>>
Hmmm... .  mod_ldap and mod_auth_ldap were working fine for me at
-- once my patch was applied to util_ldap_cache.c (before which it 
crashed due to unintialized memory).  This patch was in before things 
were moved back into experimental....

Günter Knauf wrote:

>Hi Andre,
>>here is my dsw/dsp file. (Configured for Netscape/iplanet SDK in
>>The module loads fine in relase and debug modes in apache, but as
>>as a auth request commes, apache crashes.
>hmm, I've seen exactly the same with another module mod_auth_pgsql; I
thought it was the module as it is beta stuff, but it works fine on
Linux; but now I think more there's a general problem with Win32...??

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