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From André Malo>
Subject RLimitNPROC behaviour question
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2002 01:22:35 GMT says:

| Note: If CGI processes are not running under userids other than the
| web server userid, this directive will limit the number of processes
| that the server itself can create. Evidence of this situation will
| be indicated by "cannot fork" messages in the error_log.

I looked into the kernel code and played around with strace and found
that it's not true at least for linux 2.2 and 2.4. 

the rlimit properties will be set after forking and apply only to the
forked process and it's children. So it cannot influence the server
processes in such way. But my experiences with other OSes are very
small. Can someone leave a word on behaviour of other OSes? 

If I'm totally wrong, please tell me ;-)

\40\51/\134\137|ndparker <>;;print;

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