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Subject Re: sockets and such
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2002 14:59:06 GMT
On Thu, 10 Oct 2002, Randall Stewart wrote:

> Hi:
> I am working on getting apache2 (2.0.43) to be able
> to listen on SCTP sockets as well as TCP.
> This involves a small amount of work expanding the
> socket_t to have a protocol field.

It should be possible to do this without any core changes, as an initial
implementation.  One of the goals for Apache 2.0, was to allow the socket
to be abstracted out of the server by a module.  If you create your own
module, that implements listening for an SCTP socket, everything should
just work.

For an example of how to do this, take a look at perchild and how I
inserted the Unix domain socket into the listen_rec list.

> /* XXX this REALLY needs to be uncommnted, but it is causing problems */
> right before a
> apr_table_do()...
> in pass_request()
> Now in my poking around I found what the problem was..
> on the recvmsg() side of the socket  in receive_from_other_child()
> the iov[] addresses were all
> set to 0.
> i.e.
> iov[0].iov_base = headers;
> ...
> iov[0].iov_base = request_body;
> This is most likely the problem.. I have uncommented the line and fixed
> the above.. Not sure how to test it yet...  but I will let you know if I
> see any problems from it..

THANK YOU!  I forgot about that bug, but this does look like the
problem.  I spent all of my time looking at pass_request(), and completely
ignored receive_from_other_child().   :-(

Ryan Bloom               
550 Jean St
Oakland CA 94610

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