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From <>
Subject [PATCH] mod_status.c in httpd-2.0.43 (fwd)
Date Mon, 28 Oct 2002 16:06:21 GMT

If it may bee of any interest...?

I have applied the following small change to mod_status.c in my copy of the
The reason for this, is when setting up a lagrer hosting platform using
mod_vhost_alias I came across that mod_status does not print out the serving
"virtual host" ServerName under VHOST in  the status page.
which technically ofcourse is correct, since there is no Virtualhost.
But, when  there are several sites served
with mod_vhost_alias, it is interesting to be able to se which hosted site is
responsible for the traffic - on the fly.

Hence this small change:

tmp 717# diff -u httpd-2.0.43/modules/generators/mod_status.c ./mod_status.c
--- httpd-2.0.43/modules/generators/mod_status.c        Sun Jun 30 20:20:13 2002
+++ ./mod_status.c      Mon Oct 28 16:44:31 2002
@@ -749,7 +749,7 @@
-                                                  ws_record->vhost),
+                                                  ap_get_server_name(r)),
                 } /* no_table_report */

If it's not apropriate, well then just disregard it.
And if it is, well someone may review it and apply it for the next release?

Kind regards,
Terje Molle
Senior Unix systemarkitekt
Telenor Business Solutions,

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