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From <>
Subject mod_proxy and Content-Length
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2002 23:28:03 GMT
[The cc recipients of this message are those httpd-dev posters who've 
been involved in the recent C-L discussion(s)]

Problems with 2.0.42 and mod_proxy with Content-Length:

  - 2.0.39 stripped C-L from all HTTP/1.0 responses.
  - 2.0.40 retained C-L on HTTP/1.0 responses for GETs, but stripped it 
for HEAD.
  - 2.0.42 strips C-L from all HTTP/1.0 responses.

Do people think that the 2.0.42 behaviour (stripping C-L from all 
HTTP/1.0 responses) is correct?  The messages referenced below would 
suggest not, but .42 has reverted to .39's behaviour.

It's NOT obvious that the present behaviour complies with RFC2616, of 
which section 13.5.2  states (in part): "The Content-Length field of a 
request or response is added or deleted
according to the rules in section 4.4", although section 4.4 is plenty 
vague about what the rules applicable to a proxy are.

Before I consider committing some of our internal resources to start 
work on a fix for this (the problem has some urgency for us in a 
specific application, as .42's behaviour is breaking things for a 
specific automated user agent we use), I wanted to confirm the group's 
thinking about this...



  And this long thread:

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