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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Try to use OPENSSL_free instead of free
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2002 00:45:02 GMT
At 06:17 PM 10/24/2002, MATHIHALLI,MADHUSUDAN (HP-Cupertino,ex1) wrote:
>Can somebody _please_ take some time to review and tell me if the patch is

I will sign up for this...

>Just a observation :
>I do understand that everybody is busy doing their own set of things, but
>then - do you really solicit patches from non-committers ?.
>I've been a silent observer since the last couple of months, and as-per my
>observation, everytime a non-committer sends a patch, it takes a couple of
>cycles before somebody even responds back to the patch (let alone commit
>it).  When somebody posts a patch, I'm sure he/she definitely looks forward
>for some sort of input from you guys (the core developers/committers, best
>of the breed etc) - atleast something like "its all crap" / "you may want to
>do this also" / "this is all good" / something else. Am I wrong here ?..

No.  Unfortunately, most of us have day jobs that preclude us from really
addressing these things quickly enough.  Plus, one needs to get into the
'ssl mode' or 'ldap mode' or whatnot, and usually that means blocking out
enough time to look at all the relevant bugs and patches to a given module,
thinking it all through, and getting the fixes committed.

But please make no mistake, Apache HTTP Server would not survive on
the codecraft of it's core contributors!!!  It takes folks out there looking
for mistakes and possible solutions.  Sometimes, the solution is dead
to right, and sometimes it's in the right spirit but needs some work.
Sure, there are oddball patches that don't belong (the code shouldn't
even be changed, the coder misunderstood the intent or we did a lousy
job documenting the existing behavior) but those are few and far between.

>Does anybody not want a response when they post a patch ?.
>Talking specifically of my patches, the majority of the commits to the
>mod_ssl source was done by Cliff / Justin / DougM. I do realize that they're
>busy with other things also - but then, I've not seen many others doing any
>development on the SSL front. So, whom do I approach to solicit any feedback

I struggled with that for months, being full of Win32 specific patches and only
one active and two somewhat passive committers who had any interest.

All that said, things do get applied.  Sometimes under a bit of irritated
contributor feedback.  Sorry for the delay, and I will get looking at those
patches by tomorrow.


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