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From "johannes m. richter" <>
Subject Re: distributing encryption software
Date Sat, 19 Oct 2002 16:38:56 GMT

>Well, I don't think that you need $$$, the only thing you really need is
>hardware (for the builds), bandwidth (for downloads) and time (to build)...

I don't know about hardware and time (unfortunately I am too dumb to 
compile those things) - but I guess there're some people with bandwidth out 
there. One server which always comes to my mind is 
, a server of the TU Wien (technical university of Vienna) which already 
mirrors many projects (mainly free software). I bet Antonin Sprinzl (the 
server's admin) would add those things to the server (he's always keen on 
new suggestions..)

Just an idea :)


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but instruction manual has pictures.
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