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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: new download page
Date Sun, 27 Oct 2002 01:33:43 GMT
Justin Erenkrantz wrote:

> Well, I agree with Pier.  I'm an idiot, too.  I absolutely can't stand
> SourceForge's mirroring system (which is essentially what that page is
> moving us to).  It tells me that I'm downloading a file, but when I try
> to download it by hitting the link, I get an HTML file that shows me
> mirrors where I can download it.  Eh, no.
> To be blunt, any link from that download page must go directly to a
> tarball not to a page that lists mirrors.  I've offered ASF-wide
> suggestions to the mirroring problem.  I still think the best strategy
> is to do round-robin DNS of (and indicate that those
> servers aren't necessarily trusted).  -- justin

I like this system better because:

1. It is perfectly transparent to the users.  They know exactly where 
they are downloading from and are given options for alternative locations.

2. It is extremely simple to configure and maintain.

3. It can be put into place NOW.

I understand the presentation issue, and am willing to accept 
suggestions for improvements.  But I won't hold this up for a 
theoretical solution.  There is an immediate problem that needs to be 
addressed, and a little inconvenience may need to be tolerated.

[Incidentally, this system is still much clearer than Sourceforge.  It 
just puts the links one level deeper.  Sorceforge hides things behind 
layers of redirects/javascript.]

I'm certainly still willing to discuss the round-robin DNS idea for the 
future, not withstanding my opinion in point 1 above.  I don't see any 
simple way to provide a single URL and still be transparent and allow 
choices to the user.


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