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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: new download page
Date Sat, 26 Oct 2002 19:59:38 GMT
Joshua Slive wrote:
> I believe this is better than the current circumstances because it is 
> clearer for the users, and it better enables us to direct people to the 
> mirrors for the download and the main site for the signatures.
> I've never particularly like the autoindex/README/HEADER thing.  It is 
> consfusing trying to figure out exactly what to download and there are 
> notes scattered all over the place.  And it works very poorly on the 
> mirrors, since many of them are not configured in exactly the same was 
> as
> I will be changing the links on to point to this page 
> instead of directly at  I'll wait a 
> day for corrections and comments.
> I believe this should go a long way towards reducing daedelus bandwidth 
> usage for httpd downloads.  It will, of course, do nothing for 
> jakarta/xml/etc.
> Joshua.

+1. great idea, but I think the mirror sites should be mentioned more 
than only once. Perhaps an extra paragraph like the following would help:

"Please do not download from Please use a mirror site to 
help us save bandwidth. Go here to find your nearest mirror."[1]

Another Point are the official patches. IMO we should mention together with a little note: 
"When we have patches to a minor bug or two, or features which we 
haven't yet included in a new release, we will put them in the patches 
subdirectory so people can get access to it before we roll another 
complete release."[1]

oh, btw the 2.0 paragraph praises 2.0.36 as the best available version 
instead of 2.0.43. The headline, the text and the check-for-patches-link 
are wrong.


[1] taken from

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