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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Problem with cache+proxy and multiple brigade
Date Fri, 18 Oct 2002 03:49:11 GMT
Matthieu Estrade wrote:

> I can't see something in chunk_filter deleting the Transfer-Encoding 
> header if present and not chunked data...
> maybe i am in the wrong part of code. is there some dechunk_filter ?

There is a dechunk filter, which as I understand was merged into either 
CORE or CORE_IN (if very rusty memory serves).

Don't confuse chunking with dechunking, they do totally opposite things.

> but i don't understand why mod_cache should store this header, because 
> when it will serve the document from cache, i don't see why it should 
> take care about how proxy received the data because it store all the 
> data in the same brigade... cache->saved_brigade.
> So if we delete the header each time we serve from cache, it will take 
> more time than if we delete it before storing it in the cache_headers_out.

This is because chunking is something that only a chunking/dechunking 
filter should worry about.

Unfortunately there seems to be a significant number of places in the 
code where parts of Apache are fiddling with things that should never be 
fiddled with in that part of Apache. Things like proxy fiddling with 
content_length, etc.

The solution to all of this is to ensure the code only touches what it 
should touch. This is what the filter stacks are for.

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