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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: stable 2.0 trees
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2002 18:28:34 GMT
i'm responding to the head of this thread because i haven't read
the rest of it yet.. so, as usual, my comments may be stale.

Jeff Trawick wrote:
> . let 2.0 HEAD proceed as it seems to be going now
> . let those who are interested (not more than a few would be needed to
>   make it viable) maintain a separate tree based on 2.0.43, including
>   apr and apr-util...  call it httpd-2.0.43, with potential releases
>,, etc.
>   priorities would be
>   . quick integration of critical fixes from HEAD
>   . skepticism regarding any changes other than critical fixes; for
>     some fixes it would be best to wait to see if any users of the
>     stable tree actually encounter the problem
>   . maintaining the MMN

this works for me, except for some of the details -- like the
version nomenclature.

let's get away from the term 'branch', and use something less
technically overloaded.  i propose 'stream'.

i'd like to combine this with the leap-frogging stable/development
stream idea.  for stake-in-the-ground and pr reasons, i'd suggest
taking whatever we want to start this stable stream with and
giving it a new number, such as 2.1.  (i suspect i'm anticipating
firstbill's probably-already-posted comment on this..)  then rename
head to 2.2 and that's where development continues.  2.0 as such
dries up and blows away.  when we repeat with a new stable stream,
the 2.2 head gets snapshot as 2.3, head becomes 2.4, and 2.2 vanishes.

whew, that's a load off the top of my head.. :-)
#ken	P-)}

Ken Coar, Sanagendamgagwedweinini  http://Golux.Com/coar/
Author, developer, opinionist      http://Apache-Server.Com/

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