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From Matthieu Estrade>
Subject Re: Mod_cache and multiple brigade problem.
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2002 17:55:12 GMT

I worked more on debug in mod_cache.
what i found is:

when the bug is happening, and it's not all the time:

the request are served from cache 1/2 times
so: first request is cached, the second one served from the cache, the 
third one is cached.

find_entry function in cache_hash is unable to find the entry in the 
hash table.
the function find it 1/2 times.

i controled the modulo and the hash, they seems to be ok
the pointer to the array of hash is always at the beginning when it 
start the check,
but 1/2 times it find the hash....

i can't find what is modifying the array of hash and why he is unable to 
find it

something which is maybe interesting, is the problem appear when i put 
only one object in the cache...

i will continue tomorow to search,


Estrade Matthieu

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