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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Instructions for building aut_ldap under win32 ?
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2002 16:45:07 GMT
Andre Schild wrote:

> can someone give me some hints how to build the auth_ldap module of the
> 2.0.43 apache ?
> I've already built the "normal" ssl version of apache since ~2.0.36...
> Actually we use another (half-self written) auth_ldap module with
> 2.0.42, but since it would require major work to get it working
> right.....

 From README.ldap:

Quick installation instructions (UNIX):

- Add generic ldap support and the TWO ldap modules to the build, like this:

   ./configure --with-ldap --enable-ldap --enable-auth-ldap

   The --with-ldap switches on LDAP library linking in apr-util. Make
   sure that you have an LDAP client library available such as those
   from Netscape/iPlanet/Sun One or the OpenLDAP project.

   The --enable-ldap option switches on the LDAP caching module. This
   module is a support module for other LDAP modules, and is not useful
   on its own.  This module is required, but caching can be disabled
   via the configuration directive LDAPCacheEntries.

   The --enable-auth-ldap option switches on the LDAP authentication

In Windows I have no idea how to build it :(

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