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From "Jess M. Holle" <>
Subject Re: Instructions for building aut_ldap under win32 ?
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2002 16:31:46 GMT
I did it with 2.0.40 (using the Netscape/iPlanet SDK), but have not yet 
done it with 2.0.43.

What seems to be the sticking point?  I seem to recall that it was 
actually rather straight-forward (at least as far as MSVC++ projects go) 
once I manually created the APR ldap include files as this did not occur 
automatically back then.  I'd hope that things are a bit better now that 
the LDAP stuff has moved into experimental.  Actually, I would have 
hoped that someone would contribute MSVC++ projects for these and 
eliminate the need for questions like this.  Things were to messy before 
httpd-ldap moved into experimental and I've not yet gotten around to 
building 2.0.43, else I'd have offered up the projects.

Jess Holle

Andre Schild wrote:

>can someone give me some hints how to build the auth_ldap module of the
>2.0.43 apache ?
>I've already built the "normal" ssl version of apache since ~2.0.36...
>Actually we use another (half-self written) auth_ldap module with
>2.0.42, but since it would require major work to get it working

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