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From Maurizio Marini <>
Subject Re: low level design
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2002 11:49:35 GMT
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On Wednesday 30 October 2002 11:46 am, Alistair Young wrote:
 >Hi all,
 >I have a request to the Apache dev people regarding POST data from a
 >client browser. I'm sure that getting data off the wire more than once
 >is out but I ran ngrep while submitting a form to my module and I
 >noticed that the entire page is sent to the server.
 >i.e. the incoming packets contained the HTTP headers (which Apache
 >stores) and the form variables (which it doesn't seem to store) 
why you say this?

- - to get
 >them you need to call ap_should_client_block(),
yes, it's right

 which seems a waste as
 >the data has already come over the wire to Apache with the original
 >request headers
data has already come over the wire; data is stored somewhere in request_rec; 
if you want access (but in read-only as no update api was provided) this data 
(client post parameters), you have to use ap_should_client_block(); who is 
wasting what?!?

 >If the form variables are coming in anyway, at the same time as the
 >request headers, does anyone know if Apache stores the form variables in
 >some undocumented table somewhere?
yes sir! 

   if (ap_should_client_block(r)) {
		char *p=r->connection->client->inptr;

after calling ap_should_client_block(r), you can freely access post parameters 
pointing a char* to r->connection->client->inptr;
there are stored post parametrs, exactly what you are searching for....BUT!!!
BUT...this is true only for http; if you are using https, at that address you 
will not find post parameters; to access them in https is very very tricky 
and i was not able to do it (sigh!)

 >If I can get access to the form variables at the header_handler phase
 >then we'll be cooking with gas and the semantic web will come to

now cook and send us the pie!

- -- 
Maurizio Marini
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