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From fabio rohrich <>
Subject mod_blank development
Date Sun, 13 Oct 2002 11:47:36 GMT
I wrote you last time about my development of a new
apache module.

mod_blanks: a module for the Apache web server which
would on-the-fly 
remove unnecessary blank space, comments and other
things from the served page.  Skills needed: the C
langugae, a bit of 
text parsing techniques, HTML, learn Apache API. 
Complexity: low to 
moderate (after learning the API).  Usefulness:
moderate to low (but 
maybe better than that, it's a kind of nice toy topic
that could be 
shown to save a lot of bandwith on the Internet :-).

So, the question is. I'm developing it for my bachelor
and my teacher told me it's too easy to develop it.
So, have you some ideas, like something to do more
like compression) or other things to add in the


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