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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: Auth: Start the httpd-2.1 branch finally?
Date Sun, 13 Oct 2002 10:57:02 GMT
On Sat, Oct 12, 2002 at 06:18:41PM -0400, wrote:
> I think there is a much easier way to satisfy everybody and stay in the
> 2.0 tree.  The problem right now, is that the MMN isn't granular
> enough.  All we know, is that we broke binary compatibility.  But, we
> don't know where it was broken, which means that all modules must be
> re-compiled.  But, let's take the auth changes as an example.  We had to
> bump the MMN with these changes, because of what was done.  But, the only
> modules that were affected, were auth modules.  That means that anybody

Woah!  Totally not true.

The auth changes DID NOT affect MMN. And they DID NOT affect other auth

All the focus around this stuff is a sensitive issue. Let's not make it
worse with misinformation. I know it wasn't intentional, but let's not let
it spread.

The auth change *added* stuff. It absolutely did not change any APIs, so
there was no need for an MMN bump.

That said, there probably should have been a "minor" bump so that code can
test whether an API is present. But minor bumps are totally righteous. No
problem with those.

> If we modularize the MMN, and provide a way for module authors to query
> the MMN at a granular level, most of the MMN bumps become much more
> trivial.  Let me explain what I mean.

+1 on the concept.

Along these lines, I've wanted to go into the new provider stuff that Justin
added and add a provider-version number. That would allow a person to
register a particular version of a provider. This is especially important
because I want to make big changes to the mod_dav API, but (today) that
would imply an MMN bump. If I can introduce a provider API version, then
changes to the mod_dav interface would not kill the whole server -- just DAV


Greg Stein,

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