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From Bojan Smojver <>
Subject Re: [STATUS] (httpd-2.0) Wed Oct 23 23:45:19 EDT 2002
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2002 02:18:20 GMT
>   I recall you had tested a ton of 'little files' pipelined.
>   What might be more interesting is a 100MB download (over a fast pipe)
> which is entirely 'sendfile'd out.  Apache would consider itself done with
> the request long before it was finished with the connection.

I tested with an 80 MB file and got different numbers depending on when I
clicked stop in the browser. The testing was done on (733 MHz Celeron
box), so guess it qualifies as a fast pipe. Is that what you meant? Or did you
mean pipelined large files?

However, I do have a question for you (or anyone else that understands Apache
2.0 internal dymamics better then me). Currently, my patch fetches the optional
function every time the connection is created (i.e. in core_pre_connection). I
reckon this should actually be done in core_post_config, only once. Do you think
that's safe (i.e. I'm guessing function pointers should be OK on graceful
restarts, forks etc.).?


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