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From Bojan Smojver <>
Subject Re: A suggested ROADMAP for working 2.1/2.2 forward?
Date Fri, 18 Oct 2002 04:55:06 GMT
Quoting Glenn <>:

> -0.5  to using odd for stable, and even for development
> The model of parallel stable and development branches is similar to
> numerous other projects, including the Linux kernel and Perl, except that
> the meaning of the sub-version numbers is **reversed** in Bill's proposal.
> While I am not saying we should copy the Linux and Perl versioning "just
> because", I am suggesting that it is counter-intuitive and confusing to
> end-users (and suits!) who are familiar with them.  Therefore, I would
> like to see X.even == stable and X.odd == development.

To me, as an Apache user (and would-be developer), this makes sense. Why not tag
the current CVS head as 2.1.0 (unstable) and then work towards a stable 2.2?
This would achieve two goals within the user/developer community:

- show them that the versioning system changed and give them time to get used to
it by spreading the word

- let them now that the time to break the API is now, if they want the change to
appear in the next stable release

- look forward (positively) to the next "stable stable" release, which will even
guarantee a great deal of binary compatibility

- make significant psychological impact with 2.2 as compared to 2.0, which would
convey the meaning of "stable stable" release more convincingly

- let them know that the moment 2.2 has settled, the new development branch will
be created (2.3)

I reckon one of the main reasons for slow Apache 2 adoption is the fact that PHP
and Perl are still in their early stages of offically supporting it. So, maybe
it would be a good idea to target 2.2 to be released in some sort of loose
coordination with those projects. Jakarta has excellent support for Apache 2
(mod_jk - stable, mod_jk2- beta, I think), so that should be already covered.

All this, together with its own performance and scaleability improvements, would
give Apache 2.2 a much better chance to grab serious numbers quickly.


PS. Current RedHat Rawhide has 2.0.40 in it and no traces of 1.3.x. This is
excellent news!

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