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From Bojan Smojver <>
Subject [PATCH]: Counting of I/O, complete thingy
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2002 04:25:00 GMT
I'm not sure if I missed a spot somewhere in core_output_filter, hopefully not.

After playing a bit with core_input_filter and not getting what I wanted, I kept
the original input filter in mod_logio (which was working fine to the best of my
knowledge). However, with the introduction of two new fields in conn_rec, things
should be even quicker than before. In order to make things symmetrical, the
actual filter could go into core.c. Otherwise, if mod_logio isn't compiled in,
the input numbers will always be zero, so other modules won't be able to use
them (which might be a good thing, not sure here).

My tests show that this works OK. I've been testing with 80 MB files and I'd get
different results (i.e. the numbers reported by %O) depending on when I pressed
Stop in my browser.

Unfortunately, this kind of approach does require the infamous MMN bump :-(
Any input is welcome...

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