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From Jeff Stuart <>
Subject RE: Auth: Start the httpd-2.1 branch finally?
Date Sun, 13 Oct 2002 10:39:28 GMT
Speaking as an end user, my problem is this:

Module development.  PHP STILL does not officially support Apache 2.  It
is still marked as experimental.  Mod_perl still doesn't support Apache

For me, these are the 2 third party modules I use.  Yes, the onus DOES
rest on the developers of these modules to port over.  However, if the
API keeps changing underneath their feet... I can understand WHY it's
taking them as long as it has to "officially" support Apache 2.0.

And now you want to create an Apache 2.1!  Oy!  Give the third party
developers a LITTLE bit of time to catch up. :) 

On Sat, 2002-10-12 at 20:17, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> How's this for simple?  Create httpd-2.1 and back out Justin's changes
> from httpd-2.0 so we don't break our users.  If someone wants to change
> more APIs in httpd-2.1, let them do so.  When it's ready, we release it and
> start supporting it just as httpd-2.0.  We effectively drop httpd-2.0 at the
> release of httpd-2.1 except for security patches, and anything anybody
> really wants to commit.  But the focus is on the last GA code, just as
> today.  {Sure little bugs get fixed occasionally in apache-1.3.  Nothing's
> wrong with that, or with continuing that tradition in httpd-2.0.}
> What's defined as 'ready' for httpd-2.1?  That it works, that it is a GA
> quality release.  If we can fix other foobars we made while designing 2.0,
> that would be terrific.  Bugs fixed in the httpd-2.0 tree can be committed
> to the httpd-2.1 tree.  But let's set our sights on an early release, some
> time this winter if not by year end.
> Perhaps what scares some developers is the HUGE time between the
> idea of 2.0 and it's eventual GA release.  There is no reason we should
> get bogged down agian.  Sure, there is a quick alpha-beta-GA cycle, 
> but we have that down to a science.
> Bill
Jeff Stuart <>

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