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From "Igor Leturia" <>
Subject RE: Compiling Apache modules for windows
Date Tue, 29 Oct 2002 15:28:45 GMT
Hi Günter,

A couple of weeks ago I asked in the Apache developpers' list if anyone
could compile a third party module (mod_replace) for Windows, and you
were very kind and did it. These two weeks I've been trying the module,
which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. After much investigating, I
realized that the replace filter works with pages that are under 32 KB,
and doesnt't work if they're bigger. I've been looking in the
mod_replace sources and I've seen that there's a constant declared at
the beginning which says "#define START_SIZE (32 * 1024)". I think
that's the key, because after that it makes a malloc with that size.

For my purposes, I would need it to be at least 200 KB, but for general
purposes (for including that module in your third party modules page), I
think it should be at least 500 KB. I've made the changes in the source
code and I send it attached, would you be so kind as to recompile it?

Thanks in advance,

Igor Leturia

>-----Jatorrizko mezua-----
>Nondik: Günter Knauf []
>Bidalia: Ostirala, 2002.eko urriak 11 20:01
>Hi Igor,
>>   I'm interested in a third party module for Apache that I 
>>found in the
>> internet, but there's only the source code of it (a .c file), not the
>> .so file. I'm a windows user, and I read in the Apache website's faq
>if that's the module you found:
>then you can get a binary here:
>> that "only a limited number of the developers have the capability to
>> build the InstallShield package" for windows. Is building 
>>the .so very
>> complicated? What would I need? Is there a doc that explains it?

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