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From "Igor Leturia" <>
Subject Compiling Apache modules for windows
Date Fri, 11 Oct 2002 14:46:19 GMT

  I'm interested in a third party module for Apache that I found in the
internet, but there's only the source code of it (a .c file), not the
.so file. I'm a windows user, and I read in the Apache website's faq
that "only a limited number of the developers have the capability to
build the InstallShield package" for windows. Is building the .so very
complicated? What would I need? Is there a doc that explains it? If you
think it would be impossible for a newbie, is there a way for any of you
to compile the module for me?

  By the way, I think the module is very interesting not only for me,
but for many people. It is called mod_replace, and it can make
replacements in the content of the pages served. I think this would be a
very useful feature for Apache. Maybe it can be included in the Apache
distribution in a near future, after the necessary testings, releases,
betas, etc.?

  Thanks in advance,

                        Igor Leturia

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