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From "Igor Leturia" <>
Subject ER: Compiling Apache modules for windows
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2002 14:31:30 GMT
Thanks very much, Juan! I tried it and it worked!

>-----Jatorrizko mezua-----
>Nondik: Juan Rivera []
>Bidalia: Asteartea, 2002.eko urriak 15 15:34
>Nora: ''
>Gaia: RE: Compiling Apache modules for windows
>You have to put the replace entries like this:
>	<Proxy /someloc>
>		Replace colour color text/html
>		SetOutputFilter REPLACE
>	</Proxy>
>	ProxyPass /someloc http://Server/someloc
>	ProxyPassReverse /someloc http://Server/someloc
>Best regards,
>Juan C. Rivera
>Citrix Systems, Inc.
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Igor Leturia [] 
>Sent: Tuesday, October 15, 2002 6:06 AM
>Subject: Re: Compiling Apache modules for windows
>  Hi all!
>  G√ľnter sent me a binary version of mod_replace. I started trying it
>and I couldn't get it to work. At last I found that there is 
>an error in
>the example configuration file. Instead of being 'Replace colour color
>text/html', it should be 'Replace "colour" "color" text/html'. At least
>this is the only way it worked for me. I say this in case anyone is
>  Now I've got some questions. I've been able to make replacements in
>the files if they have .html extension, but not in the rest 
>(.js, etc.).
>In the example cfg you sent me, this is what you said (with my
>correction already done):
>        Replace "colour" "color" text/html
>        AddOutputFilter REPLACE html
>  I've tried writing "js" instead of "html" in the second line, but I
>don't know what to write in the first line instead of "text/html". I've
>tried lots of things but none work. What should I do to apply the
>replacements to all the files served, independent of their extension? I
>tried *, but it doesn't work.
>  Another question: do you know how should I write the httpd.conf to
>make the replacements to files proxied from another server? I wrote
>this, but it doesn't work:
>        <Location /someloc>
>          Replace colour color text/html
>          AddOutputFilter REPLACE html
>          ProxyPass http://someserver/someloc
>          ProxyPassReverse http://someserver/someloc
>        </Location>
>  I've tried different orders of the lines, but none worked.
>  Thanks in advance,
>						Igor Leturia

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