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From "Jeroen Massar" <>
Subject RE: new download page
Date Sun, 27 Oct 2002 03:04:43 GMT
Joshua Slive [] wrote:
> Pier Fumagalli wrote:
> > I looked into it back in the days, but the only way would 
> > be to go down to
> > RIPE (IANA in the US) to see where that IP is coming from, 
> > doing some 
> > weirdo
> > WHOIS parsing and stuff... _WAY_ overkilling... Anyhow this 
> > is going waaay
> > offtopic! :-)
> See:
> If someone wants a little project, it shouldn't be too hard 
> to integrate this into the existing closer.cgi script.

Being geographically close says nothing about the connection.
If you really want to autodirect users to a certain mirror you
could do this based on AS number. This is for example done by
the folks at Contact if you want
to know more about this solution.

A easy fix for the "Sourceforge syndrome" <grin> would be :


Et tada.... people wanting to use wget, of which I am one, would notice
that it is not a direct link to the file, you won't need changes to the
closer.cgi as it should ignore the second param (desc).

Now you can put back that cool download page which was much better than
the current and old one.

At least thats my opinion.


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