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From "Mladen Turk" <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] make child processes more awareable
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2002 14:56:55 GMT

This proposal is from the module developer point of view, so it might be
totally wrong from the server one.

Simply I wish as a module (I'm trying to write that in a second person;
and certainly in the bad English ;) to be aware of the server status.
More frankly couple of things:

1. Am I been called from the one process mode.
2. If I'm called from the parent, what is its pid (there is no getppid
on all platforms)?
3. Am I restarted because of my bad behavior?
4. How many processes that I'm going to be part of do you plan to

All that can be IMHO done in the easiest way by using command line
arguments, so:

1. make one_process non static.
2. add the -p getpid() to the master_main
3. add -r revoulutions++ to the child_main
4. add -i startservers to the master_main

And finally, the API:

1. ap_is_one_process()
2. ap_get_parent_id()
3. ap_get_revolution()
4. ap_get_num_childs()



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