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From "Kai Risku" <>
Subject [PATCH] Fix for bug #7617: race condition causes 3 second CGI delay
Date Sun, 20 Oct 2002 20:42:01 GMT
When running my newly installed apache 2.0.40 on my RedHat
8.0 linux box, I noticed some strange 3-second delays 
for clients using keepalives after running CGI scripts 
before the next request was processed.

Some debugging led me to the conclusion that I experienced
the same race-condition as described as #7616 in the bug 
database. I.e. after running the CGI script, apache finds
the subprocess to still be active, sends it a SIGINT and
then blocks for three whole seconds before sending a SIGKILL.
Meanwhile, the client using keep-alives is kept waiting
for those three seconds until the next request is processed.
What a waste of time, considering the CGI script actually 
exited almost immediately after the SIGINT was sent.

I confirmed this same behaviour to be present in version 2.0.43, 
and saw the need to make a fix to this. Apache 1.3.27 has
very similar code, so the same patch could be easily modified
to work with that version as well!

Please find enclosed a patch against the 2.0.40 source tree 
(should work well on 2.0.43 also) that fixes this unnecessary
delay. The patch makes apache check the status of the subprocesses 
in 0.1 second intervals, until either a total of three seconds
have elapsed or all subprocesses have exited. Any subprocesses 
still running after 3 seconds are then SIGKILLed as before.

Hope this quick fix can make it into the official version!

Best regards,

--       Oy Arrak Software Ab    
GSM  +358-40-767 8282

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