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From "Matthieu Estrade" <>
Subject RE : mod_proxy support for exchange 2000
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2002 14:29:34 GMT

I had this problem (proxying Exchange) few month ago, when apache 2.0
was just released...

I was unable with apache 1.3 to proxy my OWA (outlook web access).
When i sniffed the connection, i saw that for the login/pass process, 
Exchange was sending a 401 until he found a valid authentification

In text authentification, apache 1.3 was able to transmit authentication
to exchange, from client on netscape and ie.

But with the NTLM authentification, it was impossible to do.

When the proxy transmit the first authentification method, if it's
refused by exchange, proxy receive 401 and close connection btw backend
and proxy, but let the client - proxy connection openned.

So when the client send his second authentification method check, the
proxy is unable to transmit the request to backend because the
connection is closed after the first try.

The solution we took here is to use Apache 2.0 which do HTTP/1.1 proxy
So with apache 2.0, the backend - proxy connection is kept alive and all
the authentication method can be checked.

It's now working really well and we reverse proxy Exchange.

I hope this will help you


Estrade Matthieu

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Objet : Re: mod_proxy support for exchange 2000

Robin P. Blanchard wrote:

> attached is tcpflow.tar.gz, containing:
> tcpflow/
> tcpflow/2.0.42/
> tcpflow/2.0.42/mozilla
> tcpflow/2.0.42/ie
> tcpflow/1.3.26/
> tcpflow/1.3.26/ie
> tcpflow/1.3.26/mozilla

I can only see flows from the browser to apache, but not from apache to 
exchange. I need to see both sides of the connection to see what is 
changed on the way through the proxy.

Also the flows are very big - can you restrict it to just a single 
request (or set of requests) that pass and/or fail...?

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