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From Astrid Kessler <>
Subject Re: modules/dav/util/lockview not found
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2002 06:13:04 GMT
>> The mod_dav documentation mentions a tool lockview to be found at
>> modules/dav/util. But I can't found it, neither in the release not at
>> the CVS. Does it exist, but has never been committed? Or has it never
>> been written?

> I've just compiled the dav mopdule for Apache 1.3 and there is the
> lockview in a subdir util, so I assume it was forgotten to add to the
> Apache2 sources... you can get the sources from:
> if you need a Win32 binary tell me.

Yes, a Win32 binary would be nice.

I asked, because I'm working on the docs and considered to remove this 
sentence. Because IMO it should be there, when it is mentioned in the docs. 
Or otherwise we should change the mod_dav docs. So I want to ask again: 
Will we add this tool to the Apache2 source? 


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