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From Erik Parker <>
Subject Re: Default character sets..
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2002 20:11:23 GMT
> I believe this was recently covered on this list.  AddDefaultCharset
> doesn't apply to the "internal" error responses because those responses
> are written in a specific character-set (ISO-8859-1).  The character set
> is known, so it doesn't make sense to use any other.

This should cover response to Bill Stoddard's post as well.

I suppose I could use a custom error page and set the tags in there, however i
simply use:
ErrorDocument "404

I guess I'll have to switch to using files that have "4/5xx" in them with the
charset defined..  which is fine. Was just thinking since the AddDefaultchar
documentation says it overrides any META tags, i just figured it meant it
would override anything.

I can't really go over the reasons for wanting to change it, as its an
internal thing here.. I just do as I'm told :P

Thanks for the repsonses.

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