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From "Sander Striker" <>
Subject Tagged and rolled 2.0.41
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2002 01:41:15 GMT

I've tagged and rolled 2.0.41.  Please test the tarballs found
at and cast thy votes.

I've included the following patches into 2.0.41 on top
of the STRIKER_2_0_41_PRE3 tag:

* docs/manual/install.html.en
* docs/manual/install.xml
    Obtained from: docs@httpd
    Submitted by: Thom May
    Reviewed by: Rich Bowen

    this chunk of the install page is no longer accurate;
    you can do ./configure --enable-layout=Debian --prefix=/blah
    and that works fine, with all options being respected.

* docs/manual/platform/win_compiling.html.en
* docs/manual/platform/win_compiling.xml
* docs/manual/platform/win_service.html.en
* docs/manual/platform/win_service.xml windows.html.en
* docs/manual/platform/windows.xml
    new XML
    Submitted by: Tim Gerundt <>

* docs/conf/httpd-nw.conf
* docs/conf/
* docs/conf/httpd-win.conf
    Consistify the configuration files for the .41 release.  This brings
    all three flavors back into sync.
    With luck, I won't be doing this again, but I need some time to play
    with awk magic first.  {The nested <IfModule> directives don't make
    this all that simple.}

* docs/manual/faq/support.html
    Fix a link to the old bug database.
    PR: 12678

* docs/manual/
* docs/manual/
    german translation based on install.xml r.1.4
    Reviewed by: Irmund Thum <>
                 Erik Abele <>

* docs/manual/install.xml
* docs/manual/install.html.en
* docs/manual/
* docs/manual/
    Added some <code></code> (suggestion by Tim Gerundt <>)
    Added two examples for Base/non-Base modules
    (suggestion by Irmund Thum <>)
    Removed accidential comment around the xml-stylesheet.

* modules/dav/main/mod_dav.c
    We need to set r->handler to indicate that we'll be handling the
    request. Otherwise, other modules may attempt to do "funny stuff" with
    the request (specifically: mod_dir will map /some/path/ into an
    index.html document if found).

    This reinstalls a fixups hook to set the r->handler value. Most of the
    checks in the dav_handler() function are now moved to the fixups hook.
    We just don't bother to set the handler unless all conditions are met.

* modules/loggers/mod_log_config.c
    static-ize a function which is not supposed to be exported

* server/core.c
    zap a gcc warning about using an uninitialized variable (new) and
    check for a possible syntax error

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