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From John K. Sterling <>
Subject Re: E-Kabong resolution: Re: acceptance of El-Kabong into APR
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 01:52:56 GMT

On Wednesday, September 11, 2002, at 04:55 PM, Jon Travis wrote:

> Jeff,
> I cc'd the dev@ lists, since the original proposition was made there,
> and the public following the discussion should know the resolution.
> My comments at the end.

to Rasmus' point - maybe the group should have just said 'no' instead 
of trying to justify it (and not QUITE to  greg's point, IMHO all 
emails from the apache group that declare a decision should be to a 
public list)..

I am generally a blind supporter of the apache group - I have a lot of 
respect for many members and contributors.  But I am surprised by the 
group in this case.  Jon Travis has been submitting critical patches 
for a few years (I believe it was one of his patches that provided MPM 
querying a couple of years ago).  He has been involved far longer, and 
has far better public qualifications than many of the folks who already 
have commit access.  To look at a this piece of code (on top of all of 
the apache/apr submissions over the years) and say he hasn't proven 
himself is a ridiculous thing to say.....  is this all over the title 
of a proposed apachecon talk (why apache sukks)?  or some other 
personal vendettas?

just thought that needed to be said.


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