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From Ramesh Shankar <RShan...@Novell.COM>
Subject PHP and Apache 1.3 issue ...
Date Sat, 28 Sep 2002 16:23:16 GMT
I posted this in the PHP-dev mailing list, but it appeared to me that 
the question is more relevant to the apache-dev mailing list. I am 
reposting it here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

One further piece of information:

We can cleanly shutdown Apache 2.0 running the same PHP binaries without 
any issues. I just now confirmed that with Apache 2.0, the thread which 
is calling bc_new_num() is the *same* as the thread which calls 
bc_free_num(). bc_new_num() gets called 3 times by the *same* thread at 
PHP load time and gets called 3 times by the *same* thread at PHP unload 
time. This means that there must be way someway to "instruct" Apache 1.3 
to use the same thread for all related activities.



Ramesh Shankar wrote:
As you may know, we are working to things lined up for the Oct 3 demo. 
We have run into a problem with shutting down Apache which is running 
PHP. I have provided the details from my posting on the PHP news group 
below. Any help you can offer in solving this issue would be greatly 

---------------------------- News posting ------------------------------
I am trying to port PHP and I am running into a problem with Apache 1.3. 
I am not familiar with the PHP language by itself and I am used to 
working at the O.S. level and so any help would be greatly appreciated. 
I tried to read through archives, the readmes, FAQs etc, but I couldn't 
find answer for this question:

When PHP is loaded with Apache 1.3 and Apache is shutdown, PHP 4.2.2 
crashes inside the routine _efree() called from bc_free_num(). I found 
the problem to be related to linked list corruption and on further 
investigation, suspected it to be a case of the thread calling 
bc_free_num() to be different from that of the thread that called 
bc_new_num(). I verfied this by enabling TSRM_DEBUG while building zend, 
which enables this detection in _efree(). I also set the 
tsrm_error_level to TSRM_ERROR_LEVEL_ERROR to enable dispalying of TSRM 
messages to the screen. And sure enough, I got an error message from 
_efree() from the following excerpt:

#if defined(ZTS) && TSRM_DEBUG
    if (p->thread_id != tsrm_thread_id()) {
        tsrm_error(TSRM_ERROR_LEVEL_ERROR, "Memory block allocated at 
%s:(%d) on thread %x freed at %s:(%d) on thread %x, ignoring",
            p->filename, p->lineno, p->thread_id,
            __zend_filename, __zend_lineno, tsrm_thread_id());

I have ZTS defined thread support in Zend.

I am not able to understand and appreciate all the details of the use of 
the macros to access the globals variables via AG(), CG() etc and from 
what I could figure out, ts_resource_ex()is some kind of thread specific 
data mechanism and would work only if threads are dedicated to PHP.

I am not able to understand who is responsible for ensuring that the 
same thread gets used for a complete request - whether it is some thing 
that I need to do in Apache or whether I need to enable/disable 
something while compiling PHP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please copy me on your reply as well.

Thanks in advance,


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