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From Brian Pane <>
Subject mod_disk_cache backward compatibility? Re: [PATCH] [UPDATED] Re: Cached response: 304 send as 200
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2002 17:49:26 GMT
Kris Verbeeck wrote:

>Brian Pane wrote:
>>If the read of this field is removed, won't we also need to remove
>>the code that writes it?
>Correct, my mistake... new patch has been attached that also removes
>the writing of the status line.

Thanks!  One more issue before I commit this...
The change will require that users clear their file
caches.  Can any of the mod_cache hackers give me a
second opinion on this?  Since mod_file_cache is still
in experimental state, it reasonable to just make the
change and document the need to clear one's file cache
when installing 2.0.4.  Or do we need to provide some
automated checking for this in mod_disk_cache (like
adding a magic number and format version number in
the file header)?


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