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From Jason Kissinger <>
Subject Re: Apache module developer needed.
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 19:42:19 GMT
Doesn't mod_headers give you what you need, at least for Apache 2? 
Doesn't look like request headers are handled by Apache 1.3 mod_headers 

Greg Wilkins wrote:

> Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this....
> I have a client that needs a simple custom apache module developed.
> Rather than trying to remember C, I thought it best to offer the
> apache developers a few days paid work.
> The module needed is simply to take the remote and local IP
> address and port of the actual connection to the server and set
> them as request headers.
> These headers need to propogate via mod_jk, mod_webapp, mod_proxy
> or any other common mechanism used for appending a Java webapp to
> apache.
> The values in the headers are to be the real values - not those
> reported in a Host header and should work for normal or SSL connections.
> While some of these are available to servlets behind apache, the remote
> port is not and that is the most important for this client.
> We will need a version for apache 1 and apache 2.
> The client has no problems with the result being open sourced, but
> I don't think they are that generally applicable?
> Anyway, if you are interested in quoting for the work - please email
> me directly.
> Sorry again if this is the wrong forum for this - but I could not find
> anything more appropriate.

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