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From David Shane Holden <>
Subject Re: CVS, SSH and Windows
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2002 21:53:34 GMT
Here's the solution I came to after dickin' around for hours with it a few
months ago...

Install ssh from  You _cannot_
have cygwin installed along side this port of openssh.  If you want to use
key authenication store your private key as c:\program
files\networksimplicity\.ssh\id_rsa and follow the standard steps to enable
it on the server.  The drawback to this method is you're only allowed one
private key for the entire box, meaning you cannot have multiple users with
their own keys.  But that shouldn't be a problem if its your own machine and
nobody else touches it.

Then you need to get the CVS tarball from  You'll run into a
problem compiling the 1.11.2 client on Windows.  For some reason a file was
left out.  Have a look at, follow the
instructions and it should build with no problem, except for the few hundred
warnings. :)  I'm assuming you're using VC 6 here.

The reason I recommend using netsimp's ssh is that it runs as a native
windows app.  You don't need to fire up cygwin and run ssh from within the
shell, which is hella inconvenient.  Now if anybody else knows of a Windows
ssh client that's open/free and sports key authenication I'd like to hear of it.

I haven't tried to use WinCVS, so I'm of no help there, but hopefully this
way will help you some.  Personally I prefer the command line client over
the GUI anyway.  Now that I think about it, as long as your key is in the
right place and WinCVS uses the right ssh executable it should work with any
CVS client.

Hopefully I didn't leave anything out, if I did, I apologize,


Bill Stoddard wrote:
 > When you figure it out, please update the developer docs (on
 > with the info.
 > Bill
 >>-----Original Message-----
 >>From: Graham Leggett []
 >>Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2002 9:51 AM
 >>Subject: OT: CVS, SSH and Windows
 >>Hi all,
 >>I'm asking this here as there are people here who have probably got this
 >>to work, please mail me privately.
 >>I am trying to get WinCVS to connect to a CVS server via SSH. Both
 >>myself and another person have independantly followed the available docs
 >>and howtos, and have got nowhere - SSH insists on asking for a password
 >>on every connection attempt, and won't cooperate.
 >>What do Windows users here use to access CVS over SSH? Is it possible to
 >>describe what you did to make it work...?
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