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From Brian Pane <>
Subject Re: the listener thread didn't exit
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2002 01:50:30 GMT
David Hill wrote:

>Hi all,
>    I am seeing log messages saying "the listener thread didn't exit". This
>is coming out of the housekeeping stuff in the worker module. I am using
>2.0.40 and Tru64. I *think* it is happening when the server is trying to
>reduce surplus clients.

The worker MPM has known problems with process shutdown,
so this part isn't entirely surprising.

>    On a possbilly related note, I am seeing this when whacking the server
>with ab (repeatedly), and after a while seeing the server stop responding
>(although in one case it seemed to come back). The server is still acception
>connections, just not processing them (at least a telnet connects, but I get
>no response)

This part, though, sounds like a new problem.  Do you have a way to grab
a stack trace of one of the stuck processes when this happens?


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