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From Thomas Bennett <>
Subject httpd_ldap: session time out
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2002 22:26:09 GMT

I have had two problems using an MS exchange server :) to autheticate.
The first is that ldap queries allways return a dn with and extra cn attribute 
as as below:
but when you try and bind with the same dn it fails unless you remove the 
cn=Recipients. Now I do not know anything about Exchange or the way it is set 
up but I created a patch to blank this out which I guess cannot be put in to 
httpd_ldap but I include it anyway.

The second problem is that when connections to the exchange server go away (I 
presume Exchange closed them after some time interval) httpd_ldap does not 
detect this and close them. I include a patch that closes a connection when 
server down is detected and finds another connection. In the patch for this I 
have included a fix for arguments to util_ldap_cache_compare() being in the 
wrong order that somebody put n a bug report for.

Thomas Bennett
NZ - CI Southern Unix Eng.
EDS (NZ) Ltd
Ph 64 6 348 9861
FAX 64 6 438 9880

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