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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] modules/aaa use optional function to register
Date Sun, 15 Sep 2002 19:26:53 GMT
On Sat, Sep 14, 2002 at 10:32:02PM -0400, John K. Sterling wrote:
> this.  Only problem, as you implied, is the casting issue.  Not so 
> worried about the cast itself, but more that you lose some of the 
> beauty of optional functions.  With this scheme the consumers would 
> need to cast the providers to a known type (so the consumers and 
> providers would both have to have that structure defined).

Right.  I doubt that the casting is a big deal though.

> That might not be so bad, though..... Looks to me like moving it into 
> the core is an exercise in code re-use for dav.  For the auth stuff it 
> will definitely clean it up.  Not sure how I feel about that.

If it's done right, mod_dav doesn't have to change any of its
APIs - dav_register_provider/dav_lookup_provider can just wrap
ap_register_provider/ap_lookup_provider with the DAV namespace.

Do you feel brave enough to take this on?  *nudge*  ;-)  -- justin

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