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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject mod_mime on virtual requests?
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2002 08:43:44 GMT
Someone recently brought up the fact that they couldn't add a PHP
filter to a SVN-served repository via AddOutputFilter.

I think this is due to the following issues:

1) type_checker is a run_first rather than run_all.

   Any reason why this isn't run_all?  Switching it would allow
   mod_dav's hook and mod_mime's hook to run.  I'm not sure what
   the reason is for run_first.

2) mod_mime only looks at the r->filename in find_ct.

   What would be nice is if there were a way for mod_mime to
   also look at path_info as well.  That may or may not be
   wise in all situations but for the SVN case where the resource
   isn't file-backed and the rest of the file info is stored in
   path-info, that should happen.  (Smells like a config directive.)

Thoughts?  And I wonder how the hypothetical ap_resource_t would
play into this.  -- justin 

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