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From Brian Pane <>
Subject improving concurrency in mod_mem_cache?
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2002 02:40:00 GMT
One of the known limitations of the current mod_mem_cache
code is that it uses a single global mutex to serialize
cache additions and deletions.

I thought the easy fix for this would be to extend the
cache's hash table to include a mutex for each hash
bucket.  That would enable us to lock only one chain
in the hash table, rather than the entire table.
APR mutexes are dependent on pools, though, and it's
probably undesirable (though not impossible) to add
a dependency on pools within the mod_cache hash

So the other alternative I've been thinking of is to
use an algorithm based on atomic compare-and-swap
operations to allow thread-safe searches and updates
of each hash chain.  I've found several references
to lockless, concurrent linked list algorithms that
might be suitable, for example 

Given an efficient means of synchronizing searches
and updates on a linked list, we could add a "search
for this entry and create it if it doesn't exist"
function to the mod_cache hash table implementation.

Anybody have opinions on this?


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