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From Bojan Smojver <>
Subject Re: [PATCH]: mod_log_config.c
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2002 00:58:12 GMT
Quoting Ian Holsman <>:

> I'm sorry for jumping in so late in the game, but
> why can't you do the same thing as a seperate module which implements
> the optional hook function to get those two directives in '%I/%O'
> i'm concerned that this will add undue burden on everybodies request 
> wheather they use the %I/%O directives or not.

I think this functionality is something that's been missing from Apache for a
long time, so I find it to be essential. It would also enable third party module
writers (e.g. mod_accounting and mod_watch) to rely on the fact that the
accurate numbers of input and output bytes per request are always recoreded,
given that mod_log_config is "very standard". The additions are also fairly
lightweight, thanks to suggestions by Ryan and Justin, so I don't think there
are going to be major performance implications. Furthermore, my sinister plan
involves writing a patch for webalizer if/when any of this becomes accepted into
Apache. And that would mean that the I/O numbers would be in widespread use in
no time at all :-)

However, given that Apache has to make everyone happy (and I think that's a good
thing, not a bad thing), maybe we can compromise and have a configuration flag
(e.g. LogInputOutput on/off, default off), which will then be used in
logio_pre_conn() to determine if the filters should/should not be inserted. Does
that sound OK to you?

If no, I'm OK with anything that gives me this functionality. This whole thing
started of as mod_logio anyway...


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