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From Bojan Smojver <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL]: Add two fields to request_rec
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2002 03:48:10 GMT
Quoting Brian Pane <>:

> The one problem I see is that, because the response data might
> not be written until after the request has been logged--in the
> case of a keep-alive request--the bytes_out field will need to
> be updated *before* setting aside any output in core_output_filter().
> I.e., output bytes should be counted when they're passed to the
> core out filter, not when they're actually written.  That's
> somewhat complicated, because the core output filter code is
> so convoluted.

The way mod_logio works at the moment (on my box) is at the connection level
(i.e. AP_FTYPE_CONNECTION), which should run before core_output_filter (i.e
AP_FTYPE_NETWORK). The counting is done by a single call to apr_brigade_length,
which does not seem all that heavy, especially given that I call with with
read_all set to 0. So, I think we should be OK there, unless I didn't understand
the order of output filters properly.

> But if you can make that work, then we probably can also stop
> computing r->bytes_sent in the content-length filter on streamed
> requests, which will save one more scan through the brigade on
> each request.

Huh, don't know enough (yet :-) to contribute anything useful there.

> Fortunately, this only requires an increment for the minor
> number.  (Put the new fields at the end of the structure to
> maintain backward compatibility.)

Yep, by all means.

> So, +1 on the proposal.



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