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From Bojan Smojver <>
Subject Re: I/O logging: more rambling...
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2002 03:39:48 GMT
Finally started writing some code along these lines and now, naturally, I have
some more questions :-)

Justin, you suggested I should use AP_FTYPE_NETWORK_SET-1 as the filter type for
this kind of thing. I understand that those kinds of filters are associated with
connections rather then requests. I was thinking of using something closer to
AP_FTYPE_PROTOCOL_SET or AP_FTYPE_TRANSCODE_SET since these would be associated
with the request, which is something that I see as more suitable for logging per
request. I was guessing something like AP_FTYPE_TRANSCODE_SET+1, which would
make it run before the connection filters, but after the protocol filters.
However, I don't really know if this would then mean that the filter is of
protocol type. How does that get decided? Another possible source of confusion
is how many times per request a protocol filter might get called. I'm guessing
only once, is that right?

Anyhow, some of the other things that might be of interest:

- I'll be using request notes for storing the number of input/output bytes (i.e
request_rec doesn't have to be changed); a bit of a performance hit, but I'm
guessing it shouldn't be all that bad
- mod_log_config would pick those notes and use them for logging via %I and %O
(as per my original patch); if they don't exist (because the functionality is
not enabled in that virtual host or module isn't loaded), just log nothing

Does this sound like something that's reasonable or should I check myself into


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