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From "Leonardo Javier Belén" <>
Subject RE: E-Kabong resolution: Re: acceptance of El-Kabong into APR
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 19:38:12 GMT
 Hi all there,
     I was reading all the stuff related to the E-K parser and may be I have
 something to say. I've been using Apache for quite a long time, developing
 my own modules mostly, and althought I think the quality of the program is
 superb (I have to choose a http server to work with I choose yours) I do
 think that may be politics inside the ASF should be defined. I mean, let
 other people know about how to contribute and what are the requisites to
 become a member. This can make this problem simply desapear from now on.
     Actually, may be there is such a document out there, but I couldn't
 it and, as I see, Im not alone with this. I know, you may say you didnt
 well, I know, but let me tell you that should, perhaps be available when
 suscribe to the list. Perhaps I can even help there, because I stop
 developing software (I used to mantain a site for the Argentinean Tax
 office), because I'll become a lawyer within a year and the tax office
 me working on legal stuff. Is not much, but it can help (and I'll be glad
 do it)
    Again, I think is a problem of interpretation. All parties seem to be
 convinced they have rights. As I see it, there is a difficult point in
 Jon felt he can contribute (and participate) with the ASF and the ASF
 the project but not him. From now on I recomend you, If I have the right to
 do it, to produce a document making all this points clear, and try to get
 intermediate solution with Jon, privately.

 Well this was just a thought,
     Leonardo Javier BelĂŠn. AFIP-AR.

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